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Could not create the Java virtual machine. If this still fails your computer might not have enough RAM available. Lucky you you have an awesome computer!!! You can change the -XmsM -XmxM to whatever you would like! The Green is the directory where you computer will look for the java to run your program. Java is usually located on your C: drive, in program files. Look inside the bin for "java. You can see the location path by right clicking your java. The Gray is the initial and maximum "heap" size. This is the amount of RAM you want to allocate for Minecaft.

Also instead of " - XmsM " you can use " -Xincgc " which stands for incremental garbage collection. This will reduce the need for restarts. Please note that Java only takes whole GB increments so there is no point of making it 2. The Red is the. In this case it is " craftbukkit Also make sure to keep the.

Want to give you server a little boost? Go to your task manager Ctrl-Shift-Esc , under processes find java. If it will not let you do this that is because you are not the administrator. To combat this simply click on "Show processes from all users" and try again. What this does it tells your computer that you think the Java program is important and thus your computer will focus on executing those tasks first.

This might make other programs slower.

How To Make A Minecraft 1.3.2 Bukkit Server (Mac)

Tired of Minecraft itself being too slow? I have not seen a great improvement in performance when doing this but in theory it should help out the players on your server. Firs of all I learned how to do this in one day! Please do not flame me if this is incorrect but this is what I did to get mine to work.

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Inside is a list of Java's you can install. Once done click Apply it should then install 32bit java. You might have to do some more tweaking to make this work. Change the directory before you do this! You will need to create a. You can see the location by right clicking your java and looking at the Basic tab, it will be the Location. In this case it is " craftbukkit. If this guide has helped you please leave feedback on how I did.

My service is to the community and your feedback will allow me to improve and expand this guide. Happy Crafting! InhumanSkills , Jan 21, Meatiex , PapiDimmi , Herbert and 4 others like this. InhumanSkills , Jan 22, Great tutorial, although the process is similar, you may want to add instructions for linux as well. Olas , Jan 22, Olas , Jan 26, FYI, a good thing to do, since Minecraft server software has a lot of memory leaks, is to use the -Xincgc flag rather than assigning an -Xms value.

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Reduces RAM usage by a whole lot. Also reduces the need for server restarts.

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Hubbe King , Jan 26, Hankscorpiouk likes this. Press any key to continue. TnT , Jan 26, You are most likely using bit java. Also, the -Xincgc flag turns on Incremental GarbageCollect. This causes java to flush unused memory from allocation every few minutes, rather than let unused ram be allocated.


Unused ram being allocated is why bukkit, hMod and all Minecraft servers start using more and more ram as time passes. The -Xincgc helps prevent this. Thus reducing the need for restarts Removing the -Xms flag isn't required for -Xincgc to work, but it is recommended, as -Xincgc replaces it anyway. Hubbe King , Jan 27, I had tried to upgrade my server to 4GB from 1 GB but i get that message all the time.

If you see the name of the plugin you downloaded in chat, then great! It works! If you don't, the plugin is with out of date or you need to download other plugins to install it. The line that i highlighted says Plugins 1 : Stargates. By waffles Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. To install a plugin, first turn your server off by typing stop in Terminal or in chat. Did you make this project?

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