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So what's going on here? Is that actually true? And if so, why? We turned to devout PC user, Marcy Bonebright, for her perspective on this issue. Let's start this comparison of Windows and Mac by stating what should be obvious: comparing Windows and Mac to each other is kinda silly. From the operating systems OS's to the hardware to the software, these two computer ecosystems are apples and oranges, pun intended.

Every action is like a dinner party with close friends that's been planned for months in advance. The Apple OS plays host, making sure everything runs smoothly. The BIOS the software that allows the OS to talk to the hardware is generally proprietary to the motherboard manufacturer. The individual hardware components like a video card or CPU , peripherals mouse and keyboard , and applications like word processing software or games can all come from different companies — Microsoft has no say in which parts are chosen for a given system. The Windows OS merely coordinates the communication between those individual parts.

These design differences have repercussions on both sides. Apple's tight control of its ecosystem means all the components of a Mac system are optimized to work together. That allows every process to run more smoothly, throughout the lifetime of the system. This optimization comes at a premium though; component manufacturers aren't letting Apple dictate the production process for certain parts out of the goodness of their hearts.

This is one reason why Macs cost more. On the other hand, Microsoft's success and long-time dominance of the personal computing arena makes Windows the universal OS by default. Every hardware or software manufacturer that isn't working on mobile components makes parts that are compatible with Windows, but Microsoft doesn't really have a say in how those parts are made. A Windows machine is a collection of discrete parts, which makes processing inherently more difficult.

Of course, it also makes PCs cheaper.

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Over the life of a PC, all the components and applications can receive hundreds, even thousands, of minor and major updates from their manufacturers' support teams. Every change is noted in the Windows registry, which is essentially a very long list of commands that the OS has to read every time it boots up. As that list gets longer, the PC slows down.

This slowing down can make your PC feel ancient. The average PC user understands that these computers require upkeep.

Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?

But what you may not know is that as Windows evolved, the list of tips and tricks for tuning up Windows has also evolved. Note that these tips are current to Windows 7; if you're running something else, Google is your friend. Should those fixes not work, it's a great idea to make sure your drivers are up to date. Drivers are the operating instructions a manufacturer gives to Windows to tell it how to run a given piece of hardware.

AMD has a similar program. Should all else fail, you can always just reinstall Windows.

Mac vs. PC for Graphic Design: Which Is Right for You?

A clean reinstall is by far the most time-consuming option, but it'll wipe out all but the most pernicious of PC problems. It's just that the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems are vastly different, and that results in a different end user experience. Tighter controls over how Macs are built means your laptop is less likely to get bogged down by missing or conflicting updates, but you pay a hefty price for that luxury.

Even the best Windows laptops require constant vigilance, but my souped-up gaming rig with its Frankenstein parts can run circles around your Mac — so there. Readers, what do you think? Does this explanation put the old "Macs last longer than PCs" argument to bed, or do you have another theory? Share your thoughts in the comments below, you know we'll read 'em! Marcy Bonebright is a feature writer for DealNews , where this article first appeared. Already a subscriber?

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Aside from compatibility issues, I think my Mac allows me to work smarter than Windows. Indeed, I had Macized the look of my old XP laptop! Marketing is all very well, but if the product sucks, no amount of marketing can save it, as MS knows from the Vista disaster. Apples are good — I know people who have used them for years — graphic designers and a film producer, and they swear by the things.

Home Office Face-Off: Mac vs. PC

Word of mouth beats marketing. Again, Vista is an example. I have a Blackberry, my other half has an iPhone, while I prefer my Blackberry, I have the admit that the iPhone is an excellent product. Apple stuff may cost more, but I think you get more in return.

PC of course!!!! Alex, I appreciated your calm, collected response. For almost every Apple product I have found other brands where I get more for my money. MP3 players are the only area where I have found this is not true. You can almost always pay less and get more when you go the PC route. You obviously have no idea when it comes to the funtionality of a mac vs a pc. Most hate the PC and prefer a Unix system any day. Most of us use Windows mostly because it is common place, but we all have our back-ups.

Great-ish expectations

They tell me how great they are. I take what they say with a grain of salt since whatever they have when it comes to anything is better than anything else. One is an average Joe. The third is a programmer that works at home. He supports a multi-million dollar company with programming and also does much networking set-up for them and customer support.

Their network is PC based. He was a PC and Microsoft does no wrong person. The programmer is tough on anything, he often at peak can work 12 hours a day. His Mac Pro has had to go in for a new keyboard twice. He has replaced the mouse twice. Being in the field he is in he has a two year replacement policy because the company equipment sold has to be the latest. He needs to keep up fairly closely to what they sell. Never a problem with them. Their IPhones make me laugh. They love them, there is nothing better, but then they were tied in to ATT which sucked.

Then they are lined up when the next one comes out. Where I see problems Apple users claim to never have, is go to a few good Apple forum sites. Garrus: The Xeon is a much older architecture then the Icore7 which from my experience beat the living shit out of my old Xeon hell the machine I am using now a quad core beats the old xeon box I have according to benchmarking anyway. I liked windows for general use, but I do know my way around the regular troubles. One point to bring up though about Macs is the expense that software can be for it.

Also… not nearly as many video games for Macs. There are definitely some companies, like Valve who are venturing into Macs, but definitely not nearly as many — and they do not run nearly as well.

Plus for Macs though: great for school. I love their word processor and data entry program, I can literally whip it out anywhere and it will come on in no time, the battery life is amazing compared to my PC… but wow is it LOUD when it is on battery life. Get a PC if you are anyone else. Yes, definitely get a Mac if you're going to college. If you work at Wendy's and spend the rest of your time video-gaming, then stick with a PC.

That's all you'll be able to afford. Therein lies the secret. I love how Appleheads try to make that a legitimate argument. This is not the fault of the Operating System. Depending on how you define "mac", having one custom built is entirely within the realm of possibility. If you really wanted to you could run OSX on a custom built rig. The OS is out there and I'm fairly certain that Apple even sells it in their stores don't quote me on that though.

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  8. And many people don't have the technical know how to build their own computer. They want something that's simple and works, which is why they get a pre-built system. I know firsthand how much cheaper it is to build your own computer.