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Sonic Pi was designed, implemented and developed with extensive classroom trials in close collaboration with teachers. The wonderful Naked Scientists covered Sonic Pi in an interview which was broadcast live on BBC radio and is available to listen and read here.

A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.

In the Sonic Pi Band performed a series of shows demonstrating how to live code your own band. The incredible Mehackit Sonic Pi creative coding resource has been certified by the Finnish Education Standard Kakoa for its educational quality. Watch the performance here. In , African and Finnish tech and education innovators collaborated to use Sonic Pi to deliver creative coding workshops engaging almost children in 10 African countries.

Google have announced Sonic Pi as one of a number of projects they either use or think are important. Sam Aaron performed with Sonic Pi at Moogfest Rolling Stone featured his performance in their review of the festival and said it "transcended the present". These are the winning students that won an exciting once-in-a-lifetime competition to get their Sonic Pi music played onboard the International Space Station by UK astronaut Tim Peake.

A portable version that will self-extract and run from a USB stick or folder. No installation necessary. ReaScript: support ending multiple submenus at once.

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Notation: add Note Properties to note context menu Notation: add support for double and triple dotted notes Notation: add support for tremolo ornament Notation: make all visible tracks editable by default. Video: improve reverse item playback performance. Automation: obey beats timebase when moving or pasting multiple envelope points. MIDI editor: smoother velocity lane editing. Mixer: fix double-click to add track when the last visible track is a folder, tracks in folder are hidden, and folder is closed. MusicXML: export hollow and filled diamond noteheads properly.

MusicXML: fix vertical positioning of exported dynamics. MusicXML: properly export mixed accidentals. Notation PDF export: fix detached flags at certain zoom levels Notation editor: fix detached flags at certain zoom levels Notation editor: add option to position dynamics below the staff by default Notation editor: prevent copied phrases from spanning multiple tracks.

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Notation editor: properly undo edits on secondary tracks. Notation editor: support two articulations plus one ornament per note Playback: fix potential hang issue with 'flush FX on loop' option enabled. Playback: improve anticipative FX corner case on loop with sends and PDC Playback: fix potential glitch when changing track channel count or flushing FX on loop Reascript: add MIDI lyrics viewer script, action to launch it Stretch markers: improve auto-add of markers on tempo map edits, moving across tempo changes.

VST: fix soft takeover with bridged plug-ins. Video: avoid flicker when using monitoring FX and repositioning edit cursor Video: improve behavior changing FX presets restore scroll, reposition cursor Video: improve edge case handling of various presets Video: improve render frame timing.

Actions: fix soft takeover reset action Actions: improve soft takeover behavior for various actions. Actions: automatically convert various key bindings between Windows and macOS encodings. FX: fix parameter modulation with inverted range parameters. MIDI editor: do not extend item length on paste when configured not to auto-extend MIDI editor: do not select note when clicking on velocity bar with edit or ramp mouse modifier engaged.

MIDI editor: ensure that 1-pixel-wide notes are visible regardless of coloring preferences. MIDI editor: fix incorrect display of bit bank select messages in list view. MIDI editor: respect channel dropdown including "all channels" when editing or marquee selecting CC events.

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Media item properties: improve layout, scrollbar behavior, and support for large fonts MusicXML import: import enharmonics correctly. Notation editor: improve lyric editing Notation editor: preserve notation data when editing note channel. Notation editor: support mouse click modifiers that are actions from the action list.

Notation editor: target the active item when displaying multiple overlapping items on the same track. Notation editor: when displaying a single track on multiple rows, show time signature only when it changes Notation editor: when exporting a single track to PDF, print both the project name and track name Project: do not load template project after failing to load requested project Super8: fix bug when starting playback of channel that has note yet been recorded Tempo map: adjust beat-based MIDI media items correctly when editing around a time signature marker that creates a partial measure.

Track manager: update layout colors when changing track colors. Comps: respect grouping when loading comp or moving active comp to top lane. Comps: preserve comps when splitting items. Notation: support PDF export Notation: add various minor improvements in appearance Peaks: fix preview display with channel conversion while building peaks.

Project bay: improve handling of empty takes Ripple editing: fix potential hang when using locked items and "locked items interrupt edits". Undo: rewrite undo history when renaming file via media item properties.

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We make the best software. Really terrific software. Everybody says it's the best. MIDI editor: fix bug in action to adjust event via mousewheel. MIDI editor: fix timeline context menu and behavior when displaying project markers but not regions MIDI export: fix error reporting when export fails MIDI export: fix time selection export of tempo changes and project markers. Notation: fix duplicate notation events when editing after glue. Project cleanup: fix issue with some UTF-8 filenames. Transport: use minimum height for transport text edit fields.

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MIDI editor: properly round event position when editing via list view or event properties dialog. Media import: if imported media contains title information, use this to name the track rather than "title - filename".

Notation editor: add actions to explicitly minimize or un-minimize ties for selected notes. Notation editor: add preference to minimize ties for all notes by default. Notation editor: automatically position digits for beamed tuplets, improve bracket positioning for non-beamed tuplets. Take lanes: add option for clicking take lane changes active take for multiple selected items. Timestretch: fix potential glitch on source loop. Timestretch: improve media explorer timestretch behavior with looped preview Tracks: improve reordering of tracks when dragging tracks upwards in place.

Transient guides: avoid adding duplicate stretch markers to self, grouped items Undo: do not add undo point when dragging does not result in reordering tracks. Wave: support reading incomplete. Automation: separate preference for adding edge points when moving items vs moving multiple envelope points Dynamic split: add support for generating transient guide markers Dynamic split: fix snap offset for final grouped split items. MIDI editor: do not automatically activate event filter on actions to set channel for new events.

MIDI editor: add filter checkbox next to channel dropdown. MIDI editor: do not deselect events unless piano roll left-click mouse modifier is set to deselect which it is, by default. MIDI editor: update channel usage indicator after any edit. MIDI editor: fix note-off filtering bug.

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Notation editor: assign user-created tuplets to a specific voice rather than MIDI channel. Notation editor: autoscroll horizontally during certain types of edits, marquee selection. Notation editor: display quantization dialog defaults to the active track Notation editor: fix customized MIDI note double-click mouse modifier. Notation editor: fix display offset for notes that span a measure boundary. Notation editor: support custom beaming actions for sets of notes on different staves not cross-staff beaming.

Preferences: fix crash with very large user-entered recording update frequency. ReaSurround: improve 3D preview projection, resize field sizes according to distance Render: better handle 'silently increment' option and render queue. Render: default render path to blank using default path Render: fix incorrect rendering with muted folder children and stem rendering.

Render: make relative render paths override default relative paths Stretch markers: add transient guides, optionally calculated handles which can be used to quickly add stretch markers Stretch markers: fix potential duplicate stretch marker at item extents.

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  • Automation: fix issues with write automation to time selection and zero transition time. Big Clock: support image including animated. Command line: improve handling of -cfgfile without paths, use default appdata path if non-portable install MIDI editor: add default toolbar button for step sequencing MIDI editor: fix bit midi CC lane-presence indications.