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Used only a couple of times with brush. Genuine Mac studio fix Colour: NW10 This powder has been used as can see in pictures and is reflected in price former mua having a clear out of colour and shades I no longer use Please take a look at o Great discount! This is a sample pot around 1g of MAC loose powder highlighter in silver dusk champagne coloured highlighter A great way to try before you buy!!

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Please note the contents may settle during shipping. New M. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. Gives Great Coverage!. Just a bit light for my skin. Any questions please ask. When you get to the letter designations for undertones, it gets slightly more confusing:. The reason behind that has something to do with the colour wheel and colour theory. It is one of MACs most well-known and loved products, so most people who take an interest in makeup will probably check it out at least once in their lives.

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Many also use their MAC shade match from the Studio Fix range to describe their foundation colour in casual conversation. This post will solely be about the Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation and my experience finding a shade match. Shades like NW30 on the other hand, although similar to NC35 in depth, clash with most Pinay skin because of the pink in it. And In a perfect world, none of this would be your problem. MAC artists should be able to match you with relative ease; it is their job, after all. But the reality of it is that skin is a complex thing: I will emphasise again that while I can give you a general overview of the range and how the naming system works, I can only talk about my own personal journey to finding a shade match.

There does seem to be quite a number of people who have similar colouring as mine who have found themselves in the same quandary, so hopefully this will be of help to someone else. Without further ado: True Hollywood Story, which will never come into existence. In it I essentially lamented the lack of a shade in between NC40 and N42 that would presumably match my skin perfectly. NC42 the first shade I was matched to is very warm—almost orange— and only suits me when I have an extreme tan.

Even then, it brings me closer to looking like an Oompa Loompa than I would ever want.

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NC40 on the other hand is just too light for me. As it still has a warm undertone, I can use it for matte highlighting i. And that is precisely what I did for a long time. Whatevs, right? But, as it turns out, a lot of other women had encountered the same issue with Studio Fix as I had.

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The newer C shades with double digit numbers are still yellow in tone but incorporate a little more beige than olive. But just coming to the knowledge that such options existed was more than helpful for me. C40 was precisely the shade I had been looking for.

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Side by side, you can see just how C40 falls perfectly in between NC40 and 42 in terms of depth. The undertone itself has a slight yellow-green tinge compared to the warmer yellow in the NCs. Perfect, because I have olive skin a discovery I made only recently, which shall be the topic of an entirely different post.

That was experience speaking. After years of being the makeup obsessed person that I am, I can see tones much more easily now. Still, I would not even have known of C40 if not for online discussions of the nuances of MAC shades. On my arm you can best see the little bit of green that C40 has in it and just how light NC40 is for my skin.

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NC42 seems a decent match as well, but is much more beige and warm than C40 is. Again— what was I thinking when I picked up NC40? Bear in mind that this is all relative to my experience. Even if you have predominantly yellow or pink tones in your skin, a lot of other things come into play when searching for a foundation match. I suppose the moral of this story is to try to keep your eyes open and if something looks or feels off, then it probably is. Oh and do I have any C40 sisters out there?

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As much as I love MAC, they sometimes confuse me too. I didnt know they have N range and the C range for this product — will check it out, might have my real match there! Wow, a great post. The shade that suits you the best, is the shade that naturally mixes in with your skin tone and is barely visible! The product has been added to your cart. Therefore, it is wise to buy a new foundation and a fixing powder when you have been sun-kissed! If you have a warm undertone, you have a more yellowish skin tone and get tanned easily in the sun.

If you have a cold undertone the skin is more pink and get burned easily in the sun and is relatively difficult to turn brown. Embla Powder foundation Powder foundation. Freja Powder foundation Powder foundation. Disa Norrsken foundation Liquid foundation.