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Overview: A totally free yet easy video editor with very robust features such as video stabilization, picture-in-picture, etc, which you won't find in other freeware.

Feature review: Despite VSDC features an old-fashioned interface, it won't throw any hurdle in creating and editing video projects thanks to the drag-n-drop, step-by-step wizard mode. You don't need to be skillful to enter the world of video editing - split, cut, mute, flip, rotate video, add images, lybrics, background music, mix several clips, remove unwanted tracks, control different transparent layers. It gives you full control over the video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, quality and more. It has a limited number of transitions, filters and effects, and you cannot preview the video right in the timeline editor.

Besides, exporting 4K video is extremely slow in the free video editing software since it doesn't support hardware acceleration. After you download and install the program, click New Project button to create your own project. Then you can start the main editing operations: cut unwanted parts of the file by hitting the scissor-shaped icon on the top part of the interface or split it into the multiple ones with the same size. Go to Video effects on the menu bar to choose the necessary effects.

Top 7 Best Free Movie Makers You Should Totally Check Out

And then configure the output settings. Just give it a try. Overview: An elegant Mac-based free video editor for beginners that makes basic video editing a breeze, though lacking some bells and whistles. Feature review: iMovie crowns the list of best easy video editors for Mac, all credit to its beautifully designed interface for beginners or quick projects. Every edit in iMovie is simple and free, from cropping, pan-and-zoom effect, slight color tweaks, noise reduction, panning, applying themes, to simple transitions.

The latest version But this can be the biggest denounce of iMovie as it sacrifices many professional editing features for the sake of ease of use.

Windows Movie Maker Mac - Create Movies on Mac (High Sierra)

For example, this program lacks multicam, motion tracking, text fonts and styles that can be layered over the videos. You will be restricted by the limited output controls, and experience lags when you processing 4k videos. Every edit in iMovie is at your fingertips. Just drop down menus and pop-up window will guide you to the video editing process. Step 4: Export an iMovie. Bonus: iMovie enhances the audio by reducing background noise and boosting the audio level of quiet clip, which other free editors won't have. Overview: A great free alternative for easy video editing as Windows Movie Maker discounted.

You will be surprised by the depth of features and editing capabilities without needing too much effort to get the hang of the free editing tool. Feature review: Though not as simple as the above 4 video editing software, Shotcut still bears a well-designed interface that makes it far more bare-bones than any of the commercial video editors. The program eases video editing process but doesn't compromise the editing solutions.

Instead, it supports 4k source, outputs high-quality project, do color correction, chroma key, rearrange the workspace to your liking, without exposing much more complexity in video processing.

MovieMator: Useful Movie Maker, A Movie Editing Tool on Mac & Windows

Processing is a little slow. And it will be better if there are ready-made export profiles for different devices or built-in sharing to popular sites. You can follow the steps below to get started editing your video after you download the easy video editor on your computer. Step 1: Add video clips, audio or images by dragging and dropping and enable the timeline panel on the top menu. Step 3: Add text, filter, normalize audio, stabilize video, adjust brightness , etc. Step 4: Click Save button and tap Export to render your video for viewing.

Bonus: Innumerous audio and video filters give you more choices to create sparkling videos. Feature review: If you are completely new to video editing, AVidemux is a good place to go. With a spartan interface, Avidemux makes it the top-choice for quick edits and cuts. It's available for you to copy, delete and append a video clip to another. Step 1: Join video clips. Go to File and Open to choose the video clip.

Select Append to add another clip to the end.

Step 2: Cut video. Move the navigation bar at the bottom of the video to set the start and end segments of the video. Step 3: Change the format and file size. You can then set the Custom size as you want. Step 4: Add filters. Click Filters button to select the filter. And transform your video, adjust colors and subtitles. Step 5: Preview and save your project. Go to the Output button and press Save in the top row of the icons.

5 Criteria: What Kind of Video Editor Is Easy to Use

It takes a few minutes to complete the encoding, depending on the source of the file. Bonus: Avidemux has a mass of export options, giving you total control how your project is encoded. Overview: A Windows-dedicated video editing tool that is free to use and creates home movies from video clips, music and photos by simple drag-and-drop. Feature review: As a pre-installed program, there is no need to install any video editing software. This makes Movie Maker as the go-to editor for many Windows users, who are not quite demanding of the editing features.

Basic features are available, including video trimming , joining, adding background music and text caption. You can also step up for more advanced features easily like image filter and transition effects. Windows Movie Maker was officially discontinued on January 10, but you can still find some installation packages on third-party sites. Step 1: Start a project. After you open WMM, rename and save the project by choosing Save project as from the main menu. Step 2: Import the video. The process is easy to finish by just clicking Add videos and photos under the home menu.

Step 3: Drag and drop the clips to rearrange the sequence. Go to Video Tools to split, trim, delete the video clip and change the speed as per your needs. Go to Animations menu to add transitions if you want. Step 4: Go to Add videos and photos button and select your photo in the Storyboard. Change the Duration of your photos when the Video Tools appear.

Then change music volume, add fades, and split the track. Overview: A cloud-based online movie maker that makes video editing and sharing simple and fun with an easy-to-use interface. The tool offers a wide range of features, including cloud storage, motion titles, screencasting, music library, slow motion, voiceover, filters and visual effect. On top of that, the WeVideo JumpStart technology makes video editing pretty easy in the cloud without having to wait for locally stored files to load.

However, you have to understand online video editing tool is slower than common desktop software, so the rendering time is slow. WeVideo offers a slew of solutions to finish video edits easily, whether you are going to use motion titles, add a theme, watermark, transition, text, remove or split a clip, or fade in and out audio. Follow the WeVideo tutorial here to suit your need. Bonus: Since it is cloud based, you won't worry about the OS compatibility. VideoPad video editor is the software that you can use across all your iOS devices no matter what Operating system you use.

VideoPad editor offers you all the features you need to edit your videos and the best part is VideoPad Video Editor has versions for Mac and PC both and along with that it has versions for all three major tablets: Android tablets, the iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire. You get several options about VideoPad Video Editor Price; the desktop versions of the software include 'free' versions for personal use and paid versions for professional use. On the tablet applications, again there are free and paid versions.

Know more details of VideoPad editor here.

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It has brilliant editing features to edit and create videos with a variety of formats offering ease to Mac users. Its features include:. Lightworks is a highly professional tool for editing purposes, and it used in the film industry for editing purposes. Movies edited with Lightworks won Oscars and Emmy awards. Lightworks is a brilliant tool that makes editing fun and videos look great. Lightworks has a simple and clean user-friendly interface that makes it a great video editor and it offers great supporting features.


Lightworks offer great set of tools that allow synchronization of the video and audio. Lightworks has a free version too, but it has limited functionality. Jashaka was previously known as CineFX. It is perfect application to offer you with specific features for every situation. Jahshaka is your companion for Video edition and management needs. This application is mostly aimed at post-production, and you can create animations, tweak your videos, add or edit audio among other utilities.

Jahshaka supports non-linear editing environment and allows you real-time sharing of your work and resources with your teamwork. This is a great application with lot of features and is one among few applications that are available for every desktop operating system: Mac, Windows and the Linux.