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LotsaSnow is a visually pleasing screen saver that features snowflakes falling against a customizable background. LotsaSnow is not signed by a registered developer and was last updated for Mavericks but it works fine in MacOS Mojave, so some users may be put off by that.

A 2009 celebration on your desktop

How would you like to decorate a Mac desktop with some blinking Christmas lights? MacLampsX lets that happen. You just launch the app, and suddenly your Mac screen perimeter is lined with flashing holiday lights. You can customize the bulb size, bulb placement and spacing, whether you want holly, and choose some other options in the old app settings too.

Unsplash is a free wallpaper site with tons of high resolution images that make for excellent desktop backgrounds. So why not find some that fit your holiday celebrations, and stylize your Mac desktop wallpaper a bit too? Of course you can use these images to spruce up your iPhone and iPad wallpaper experience too. Find some nice wallpaper images, save the pictures you want to use, then set them as the desktop picture in Mac OS or set the picture as wallpaper on iPhone or iPad.

Wallpaper for MAC

Above Whistler Village image is from Unsplash here. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Have you always dreamt of running Windows 95 right now on your fancy modern Mac? Your dreams can now easily come true, thanks to a fun project that allows you to run a complete Windows 95 installation directly on MacOS as a self-contained native application.

Yes really, running Windows 95 on a Mac is as … Read More. Age Of Empires was a classic real time strategy game set in ancient history, where players would build villages that blossomed into cities, all while amassing resources, managing a functioning economy, and building an army to defend your territory, explore, or take-over new lands. Once upon a time Age of Empires used to exist for … Read More. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Search Fun.

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If you delete it and download again from the Appstore, you will still get the same version again and it will still not launch. You take your computer's date back to December 31, , the program will work again.

New Year Screensavers

It's really annoying because it's such an essential piece of software. Please Karl, fix it! Thanks to all the users that pointed out the date problems in the past.

It's here again. Like 2.

We had the same problem in the transition to I don't know why the developer cannot fix such a seemingly easy bug. Only solution I found, like yourself, is to change the date to anything in , launch TimeWorks and then update the clock again. If course, this must be done every time you re-launch TW. The problem is fixed. Thank you, Karl! And happy new year, at least!

Happy New Year firework wallpapers

Anyone know if the Crapstore version gets us past the date bug? Crapstore version is listed as 1. I've bought the direct download version however, which is still the bugged version on Karl's site. The temporary bug fix is also up, but it expired Jul 15th. Karl's been unresponsive to emails. Wondering if the Crapstore version does indeed have the fix and debating whether or not to bite the bullet and get that so I can get my Timeworks working again.

Lack of responsiveness and the fact that I've already bought this twice Timeworks and iCalViewer has me a bit wary. Not sure why the versions are out of sync. Interim release expired today. No note about fix on Karl's site. This Beta fixes things. Free download for anyone.